Israelites Don't Choose "Hagar" over "Sarah"

Yah's Singles is indeed for Everyone who calls on the name of Yah; the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob. That doesn't mean that you should marry outside your people. We are promoting the 5 stages of marriage and it's not personal or racist. The 2nd stage is to seek a spouse from among your own people. This is backed by many scriptures.

  • Seek first and foremost a Yah fearing woman (or man if you're a woman) from among your own people.
  • Only if you are isolated, as Moses was, do you take a wife from among the nations. Or if you need to raise the seed of your brother and marry his widow wife, like Ruth. Only then do you take a wife from among the nations. I will personally defend you if that is the case. Moses's wife was righteous and so was Ruth, that being said they were not Sarah, Rebekah, Leah or Rachel.

Do you value your own people? Then seek a wife from among your people. This website was created for Yah's people who used the excuse that there was no one near them who worshiped Yah. Then said they would seek a "white women or man or other foreigner". It was only an excuse then and it still is now. Let's not be racist and look upon someone and judge their righteousness by their skin or their genealogy for that matter. If you choose a spouse from among your people they MUST SERVE YAH. (Deut. 13:6 ). It is better to marry a foreigner who serves Yah than a wicked person who does not serve Yah.

  • That being said, many people know who they are and their ancestors. If someone declares they are a foreigner and they serve Yah, but next to them is a sister or brother who serves Yah, why would you choose the foreigner? Do you hate your own people? Value your people and uplift the woman that is your rib. Why choose a rib from another man?

Was not your father Abraham? If so, Abraham sent Hagar (the Black Egyptian Woman) and his first born away from Sarah and his legitimate son Isaac. Isaac was said to be his "only son" in Genesis 22:2, so please do not call me racist, Hagar was "brown skin as Sarah was brown skin". Israelites were always mistaken for Egyptians. But the cultures are different and the ancestry. Abraham choose Sarah who was betrothed to him. She was his REAL wife. Hagar never entered into a covenant with him nor received promises from Yah. She was a concubine. A woman just for sex and childbirth. I say this not to belittle her, but to show the value of a wife, a betrothed wife. Sarah was the wife of Abraham. Only Sarah's child would receive the inheritance and promises from Yah. Abraham had many children and sons, but only Isaac was honored. Did Abraham choose Hagar over Sarah simply cause Hagar gave him his first born son? No, Abraham knew Sarah's worth and sent the Hagar, his concubine away with their child. Not a surprise, even in the laws of the United States children born to unwed mothers belong to the mothers, not the father. Unless disputed in court which many are surprised when he loses. If he wanted to claim their children, why didn't marry the woman?

If there is no woman or man near you who serves Yah, that's ok. Follow the example of Abraham. He sent his servant to go to his fathers land to bring back a wife for his son Isaac. There then is no excuse.

There are many types of "people" among the members of Seek a spouse from among your own people who serve Yah.