Forgotten Stages of Marriage according to Torah law

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Fact: if you didn't do one stage according to this video. You are not married and you need to do what is requred. Many many men lying that having sex makes you married, but that is sadly not where the lies end.
It's a deception. Having sex without getting fathers permission is unlawful. You as a man are required to ask the father for permission to marry a woman because having sex doesn't make you married. Why not?
The father has right of refusal. If this isn't true, what is a Betrothe woman?
It is a woman who has a contract / covenant with a man and she belongs to him. If she sleeps with a man that is not her husband, she is an adultress. A woman not Betrothe to a man can NEVER be labeled an adultress if she sleeps with a man that is not her husband. She might be a hoe but not an adultress.
No, whores are not allowed among Yah's people. Yet, woman are making themselves into whores by playing the whore in her fathers house.
If he never gave her away, she is in his house and authority. Thus, if she has sex before marriage, she is playing a whore. Don't allow brothers to trick you into thinking having sex makes you married.
Just ask them. How does a woman play a whore in her fathers house? They will have to admit having sex doesn't make you married. Having sex without fathers approval and exhange via dowry and covenant makes you a glorified whore but you don't even get paid.
Why devalue yourself. Even if a man makes an Ex prostitute his wife, there was a dowry. Hosea chapter 3.