Shalom & Welcome to our site

MEMBER CONDUCT: No nudity or shirtless pictures. No sexy pictures that promote lust or whoredom. We are a Set-apart sight. Come to our "house" as you would when you enter a Set-apart (holy place). Show respect, love & understanding to everyone.

PRESCREENING: All members are prescreened, however it is your responsibility to confirm that they are truly Set-apart and keep Yah's Torah laws.

RACE & NATIONALITIES: There is no discrimination concerning race on our site. Most of our members are Hebrew Israelites, some are Torah keepers from ALL nationalities, and there are even those Christians who are new to keeping Torah, but appear to be in the path that most of us have taking. We all come from Adam via Noah and there is One Elohim, YHWH. All are called to obey him and doing so, should seek a spouse who believes in him also. This site welcomes all believers of him, BUT DOES NOT PROMOTE MIXING. Yah separated the nations for a reason and even the 12 Tribes of Israel. Seek among your own people and Tribe first as Abraham, Isaac & Yacob did from those who keep Torah. If you are in a position where this isn't possible, as was for Moses, then seek a righteous person. It is not against the Torah to marry somone who truly fears Yah and keep his Torah. Remember Deuteronomy 13:6, it proves you can not be Yoked with anyone who doesn't obey Yah. The reason Yah said not to marry anyone from the other nations wasn't due to race or appearance. It was due to their idol worshiping and uncleanliness. Build up your own nation & tribe which we recommend, not enforce. Yah is your judge. We are not going to look at anyone and make evaluation of them concerning their nationality, only belief in Yah and Torah.

MARRIAGE: There is only one way to get married: Betrothal Covenants. Many people do not fully know scriptures and instead believe having sex makes you married. Having sex WITHOUT a Betrothal Covenant makes you into a whore / whoremonger, not a wife or husband. DO NOT PLAY THE WHORE IN YOUR FATHERS HOUSE! Did having sex make Dinah married in Genesis 34? Or did her lover seek permission after sex with Dinah and pay dowry for her? (She was seduced by flattery not raped). Stop lying to people and deceiving yourself. Fathers own their daughters and pass ownership to a man via covenant and dowry. QUESTION: If you have no covenant with her father or divorce decree or proof of widowhood, how does anyone know you did not steal her? How is she rightfully yours? Truth is a woman is Protected by her father which is his ownership of her. You need permission and a Betrothal Covenant, & Pay a dowry to her father before you can get married. No other way for a woman to get married unless she is widowed or divorced (Num. 30:9). In which case, a divored or widow is free to make vows and contracts without a husband or father. Learn more here... click here.

YAH's NAME: YHWH is pronounced in many different ways by some (Ahayah to a few) but all seem to agree on Yah as the abbreviation, so, we shall use that for short.

BELIEF: Everyone on here must prove to be a Torah keeper or on that path and know Yah's name. We may allow some in who are not "completely there" yet, but is a Torah keeper showing signs toward his true name. You will find there are many new believers on our site. It is each members responsibility to screen any potential spouse.