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My Culture & Style:
I wear Modest Clothing, My sexiness is for my spouse, I wear Hebrew Style Clothing with Tzitzit Fringes regularly, I wear Hebrew Clothes for Gatherings, I mostly wear Dresses & Skirts, I sometimes cover my head, I cover my head during prayers, I like to wear headwraps or scrafs, I wear long caftans or tunics, I am Moving to Wear More Hebrew Clothes, I like to dress Set-apart to Yah, I like to look earthly, I like to look professional, I like to look artsy or creative, My clothes are custom made or I sew
Which Laws Do you Keep?:
Dietary Laws in Old Testament, 7th Day Sabbath, Feast Days to Keep it, Males Must be Circumcised
What do you call the Heavenly Father?:
Yah, YHWH, the Most High, Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Yahweh
Number of Yrs Worshipping Yah:
21 yrs & up
Lunar Sabbath Keeper
Belief Summary:
Worship Yah Only (Pray to No One Else, All praises to him)
Marital Belief:
Original Marriage like Adam & Eve
My Intentions:
I'll Tell you Later
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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