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I am writing a book and making a video about the Stages of Marriage. People do not understand what marriage is according to Yah. The nations copy, so we get an idea.

  • My video will be out soon on this.

The Woman always had a man. First her father owns her, Takes care of her and gives her food, clothing & shelter. She was not obligated to work for money.

He does not devalue his daughter when she is of Marriagable age. The minimum requirement is 50 Shekels of Silver for her virgin daughter. He has liberty to negotiate more, but not less. Its equivalent is to 7 yrs labor read about it when Jacob marriaged Leah and Rachael. Pretty or ugly, each daughter was 7 ys labor. You do not give your daughter away for free like a prostitute.

Do not prostitute thy daughter to cause her to be a whore. There is more in my book. Modern Women today are not valued. This world values whores. Wives are hardly even giving a Ring by Most Israelite men. They feel rightful of ownership but no exchange was done. No vows even made. They in turn do not see value in her. So this woman feeling unvalued. Fullfills her valueless role which the man taking possession of her for nothing and from out of no where caused by raping her mind with lies that sex makes him have ownership and Mastership over her. He didn't ask her father or give him any thing for her. For he says, he is hers and no virgin worthy of anything.

But according to scriptures it is not so.

Even a Whore has a dowry... Hosea chapter 3:1-3 (15 Shekels of silver +) Dowry was negotiated. No required min. by torah law.

A virtuous business woman who makes money is a high price. Proverbs 31:10-31 Quite possibly worth more than a virgin. Dowry was negotiated. No required min. by torah law.

So a regular womans value has no requirement but still there. Between the price of a whore and up to price of a virgin if she is virtuous making high dollars. In which case, nothing limits anyone from asking more if she is worth it.

Brothers; If you meet a 25 yrs old beauty queen, in the truth, but happens to be also rich making strong paper, would you not give her a worthy gift for taking over her estate? She will not go for free knowing her value is high.

The book and video comes soon. A man can not make a woman into a valuless prostitute but currrently they certainly do. You can not bound her to yourself out of no where, for nothing. will not promote or help brothers do this. Woman are to be giving a dowry for exchange of your rulership over her. If she new this truth, she would no her worth is high. At very least a valuable ring, and pay for the wedding. Give her father or parents money to give there daughter away before witnesses and in righteousness. Sisters hold on to your dreams of a wedding. Its a righteous desire.

For the record, I am not advocating a man to work 7 yrs for a woman, but she should not be gotten for nothing. And I am not saying the truth, a virgin is worth equivalent to 7 yrs labor.

Look for my book and video which will come soon.

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Yah has blessed me with many talents and skill and giving me site to see what or how we can be better. The whoredom of Israel will stop today, if righteous sisters were valued and preferred over whorish ones. Value is not free, but comes with a gift. I have videos on this subject on but the newer one, almost finished, will reach to the point of this matter.

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